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Questions on Book of Ruth

(These questions can be used as a supplement while studying the book of Ruth or independently as a quiz for young people’s service, a contest between 2 groups, etc. Answers are in blue along with the Scripture reference.)

Chapter 1              
1. What period in time does this story take place?     
    Days of the judges (1:1)
2. What natural calamity had befallen the land?        
    A famine (1:1)

3. What was Naomi’s band’s name?         
    Elimelech (1:2)
4. What were Elimelech’s two sons’ names?       
    Chilion and Mahlon (1:2)
5. What country did they journey to?        
    Moab (1:2)
6. How long did they dwell there?      
    About 10 years (1:4)

7. How many daughters-in-law did Naomi have?       
    2 (1:4)

8. What were the names of Naomi's 2 daughters-in-law?       
    Orpah and Ruth (1:4)

9. Who's three deaths occurred in Moab?     
    Elimelech, Mahlon, and Chilion (1:3,5)
10. What did Naomi instruct her daughters-in-law to do?    
      Return to their own homes (1:8)
11. Which daughter-in-law went back?    
      Orpah (1:15)

12. What town did they come to?    
      Bethlehem (1:19)

13. What did Naomi say her name was?   
      Mara (1:22)
14. It was the beginning of what harvest?    
      Barley (1:22)

Chapter 2
1. What was the financial status of Boaz?   
    A mighty man of wealth (2:1)
2. What occupation did Ruth want to undertake?   
    Glean in the field (2:2)
3. What commandment did Boaz tell Ruth he gave the young men  
    concerning her?     
    Not to touch her (2:9)

4. What did Ruth have for lunch?    
    Bread dipped in vinegar and parched corn (2:14)

5. How much barley was Ruth able to glean that day?   
    About an ephah (2:18)

6. What was Naomi’s reaction when she found out where Ruth had
    Happy, satisfied, etc. (2:20)
7. How long was Ruth to glean in the fields?  
    Till the end of barley and wheat harvests (2:22)

Chapter 3
1. What was Naomi’s desire for Ruth?    
    Seek rest for her (marriage) (3:1)
2. Who was Naomi trying to match up Ruth with?    
    Boaz (3:2)

3. What was Boaz doing that night?  
    Winnowing barley (3:2)

4. What was Ruth to do after Boaz had laid down for the night?    
    Lay down at his feet (3:4)
5. What time of the night did Boaz wake up?    
    Midnight (3:8)
6. What did Boaz say when he found out it was Ruth at his feet?  
    Blessed be thou of the Lord (3:10)

7. What obstacle stood in the way of their marriage?    
    A nearer kinsman (3:12)
8. How much barley did Boaz give Ruth when she left?    
    6 measures (3:15)
9. What was Naomi’s advice to Ruth when she came home?   
    Sit still (3:18)

Chapter 4
1. Where did the elders of the city meet at?   
    City gate (4:2)

2. How many of the elders were called to this meeting?   
    10 (4:2)

3. What did Naomi have to sell?   
    A parcel of land (4:3)

4. Why did the nearer kinsman change his mind about marrying    
    Ruth and redeeming the parcel of land?  
    Lest it mar his own inheritance (4:6)
5. What was their custom for completing transactions during this
    time period?  
    Giving them their shoe (4:7)

6. What 2 people was Ruth to be like?    
    Rachel and Leah (4:11)
7. What did Rachel and Leah do?    
    Built the house of Israel (4:11)
8. How much better was Ruth to Naomi?    
    Better then 7 sons (4:15)
9. Who was Ruth and Boaz’s grandson?    
    Jesse (4:17)
10. Who was David’s grandfather?    
      Obed (4:17)

11. What is the numerical position of the book of Ruth in the
8th book


Try some Biblical calisthenics to get some idea at what level your group is at.


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